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About Harrison Ford’s “Blade Runner” Oscars Moment…

Last night during the Oscars telecast, audiences were treated to a rare Harrison Ford public appearance. For those of you who seemingly forgot, the actor is self-admittedly painfully shy. He doesn’t really like large groups of people, and absolutely hates public speaking (for the most part). Sure, this can sometimes come across as out of […]

HBO Max Orders 2nd Season of Must-Watch Series “Raised by Wolves”

If you haven’t made the time to sit and watch HBO Max series “Raised by Wolves,” you absolutely should. It’s a beautifully designed, shot, and presented piece of science fiction, with more than a little influence and guiding hand from Ridley Scott. It also just got picked up for a second season, which is FABULOUS […]

Ridley Scott Still Says He’s Doing Yet Another “Alien” Film

Take this however you will, but it would seem that Ridley Scott, visonary director of such seminal pieces of film as “Blade Runner,” “Gladiator,” and that 1984 Apple Mac commercial is still hell-bent on bringing another chapter in the “Alien” universe. Let’s take a moment to reflect on “Prometheus,” and “Alien: Covenant.” Good concepts on […]

HBO Max Gains Ridley Scott’s “Raised By Wolves” [Trailer]

We are so pleased to report that at long last, we’ve got a trailer for Ridley Scott‘s upcoming series “Raised By Wolves.” With the trailer drop today, HBO Max has been confirmed to be the home for the series, which should be premiering later this fall. This series sees Scott return to the world of […]

That “Gladiator” Sequel is Still Apparently Happening

It still seems like an odd film to develop a sequel for, but “Gladiator 2” is still being worked on, apparently. Sir Ridley Scott has been adamant that it would work, and that it’s something he wants to see happen. A sequel to the Oscar-winning Roman warrior film is something Scott has been trying to […]

Ridley Scott Still Threatening Us With Another Alien Prequel

In the wake of the Disney/Fox merger, a lot of questions were still up in the air about many of Fox’s tentpole properties. Given Disney’s family friendly reputation, it was unclear whether they even cared about anything that did not fit their brand. Would we ever see the Reign of Fire that I have been […]