Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Bill Watters

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“The Rental”: Fine Horror Film if you Don’t Like Horror [Review]

"The Rental," is a horror film that unfortunately misses the mark in creating any kind of either tension or horror.

“Irresistible”: John Stewart’s Political Parable of Smalltown USA [Review]

John Stewart is America's leading political satirists, so in his new "Irresistible", it comes as a shock that it feels pointedly depressing rather than fun.

“The King of Staten Island” Gives SNL’s Pete Davidson His Chance [Review]

"The King of Staten Island" is one of those movies which has a charm because of its willingness to bare the soul of its lead actor and co-writer.

“The Night Clerk” is Not the Crime Thriller You’re Looking For [Review]

For a crime thriller, it's a problem when there's nothing thrilling, and it barely cares about the crime. Its main crime is a great cast, wasted.

“Becky”: Fun, Gruesome Thriller with a Bad-Assed Lead Just 14 [Review]

"Becky" is likely to be a film that Quentin Tarantino would have a blast of a time watching (other than it's lacking any gratuitous shots of women's feet). It's a gruesome little...

Amazon’s “The Vast of Night” is the Way Anthology Sci-Fi Should Feel [Review]

A mysterious sound spurs a small-town telephone operator to enlist the local DJ to try to discover its source at the dawn of the space age.

Heavy Metal’s New Virus Comic Line Leads off with ‘The Red’ [Interview]

Heavy Metal is leaning into its efforts behind CEO Matt Medney's push to discover new talent by launching a new comic imprint, "Virus".

Skynet’s New Origin? Robot Dog to Monitor Social Distancing in Singapore

Singapore has deployed a robotic dog to monitor park visitors for social distancing and to help remind them of the risks when they get too close.

“Birds of Prey” Takes a While but Sticks the Landing [Review]

Birds of Prey has a shaky start, a bit too infatuated with its own kitschy conceits, but when it gets to the Characters and the Action, it nails it.



Texas is Now Battling an Infestation of R.O.U.S aka Swamp Rats

Texas has an IRL Rodent of Unusual Size problem.

New Lego Ideas Could Bring a “Princess Bride” Set Next

There's two days left to vote on this Lego Idea, let's make a "Princess Bride" set happen!

Simon Cowell Breaks Back Falling From Electric Bicycle, Now Recovering

Just days before scheduled to film the first episode of "America's Got Talent" Simon Cowell was hospitalized and underwent a five hour injury for a broken back.

Jack Black, Gamer Extraordinaire, Plays Double Fine’s “Psychonauts 2”

If you didn't know, Jack Black loves to play video games. This isn't so strange really, when you think about it. He...

Jason Momoa Victim of Fake “Groping Video”

Jason Momoa, star of the blockbuster DCEU film 'Aquaman," has recently become the victim of a smear attempt this week over an...