Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Activision Debunks Rumor: “Jason has not been fired…”

Jason Blundell fired from Treyarch Studios

Violence Against Women in Video Games: Why Is It So Common?

Video games have been in the headlines for years when it comes to their graphic depictions of realistic violence.

CS: GO StarLadder Berlin Major Update

The StarLadder i-Leauge Berlin Major has its latest set of qualified teams!

Disney Investor Eyeing Activision Blizzard for Next Buyout

Disney Investor suggests that the company buyout Activision.

Team Rocket Invades Pokemon GO

Team Rocket finally infiltrates Pokemon Go!

Overwatch Teases New Update

Overwatch teases character 31

Fortnite’s Mech Battle Was Pretty But Seemingly Useless

The game had hinted at a huge fight that would take place today. (July 20th 2019) And sure enough we got a big fight.

Tons of New Changes for Overwatch Coming Soon Including Role Queuing

Overwatch announces Role Queing for the game

How Are Gamers Likely to Vote in the 2020 Election?

Insight on how gamers could vote in the 2020 election. How they are targeted and what political issues are important to them.

Top 7 Free PC Games in 2019

Top 7 Free PC games!

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