The future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is an open field filled with possibilities. With Disney’s recent acquisition of 21st Century Fox complete, the question on everyone’s mind is “who’s coming to the MCU”?

One of the comic and movie franchises that has been on the rumor block is X-Men. With plenty of individual character choices from the X-Men group, coupled with the poor performing movie “Dark Phoenix”, Disney is starting to move some pieces around to reboot the franchise…or at least a few of its more popular characters.

We finally hear some news of one characters being developed for the MCU and possibly having a debut in Black Panther 2.

A source close to the studio confirmed to us that Nathalie Emmanuel from Game Of Thrones fame is being considered for the role of Storm.

Adding her role to the next Black Panther movie would be a smart move. It would also make a great, soft introduction to an X-Men franchise that needs a fresh start with some familiar faces.

Nathalie Emmanuel at San Diego Comic-Con Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Based on her Game Of Thrones role and past theater experience, it would make a strong choice.

We’ll keep you posted on any new developments regarding Nathalie Emmanuel and the X-Men.

Let us know if you think she would make a good choice for Storm in the comments section!

*Original cover photo Storm art by Matt Skipworth*


  1. yes yes yes…. I actually told my daughter when we were watching GOT she would be awsome (Storm is my fav)

    • She is but it would be great if we can get actual representation. Storm is from Africa she is Dark Skin why can’t we get a Dark Skin Actress. She would be great for something else I loved her in GOT
      But there needs to be a stop. They have to stop using mixed women as a representation of Black women it’s unfair

  2. ENUF! Can we please have storm portrayed as the dark skinned women she really is??? Enough with this Light skinned women being the standard of beauty for all black women, we have had 2 women portray storm and they are both light skinned. I think we have had our fill and it’s time to portray her in her true dark skinned central African likeness.

    • So, just how dark is dark enough? Do you have a color chart to show the acceptable shades of skin tone? I’ve dated a handful of women from Africa and one of them was almost as light skinned as Ms. Emmanuel.

  3. While she is awesome, Storm is a DARK SKINNED woman. Are all the dark skinned actresses busy, or did Marvel not bother to call them?

    • Thank youuuuu I know that sometimes MCU directors don’t take directly from source but Sony and fox have been horrible about casting characters

      Look at the comic she’s Black dark skinned black
      Lost child of Wakanda black
      African black

      Not modern day Egyptian tan brown
      BLACK …. I don’t care if they get a noname actor straight out uk or new-york as long as she is Dark skinned and can play the role

    • Great. Can’t get enough of us black people arguing amongst ourselves about what “black” is. I’m an American, and dark-skinned black. If you travel Africa you find black people of many colors. This actress is black, wether she fits your definition or not. Get over it and stop segregating parts of our ethnicity out.

      Want a different color storm in the next XMen film? Go make a fan film. This film is for the rest of us.

  4. Absolutely NOT.
    Not when good actresses like Tika Sumpter or Rutina Wesley or even Yaya DaCosta exist. All dark-skinned, overlooked actresses that should be allowed to portray Storm, the daughter of a medium skin-toned black American man & a dark-skinned, Sub-Saharan woman. Get it right, Hollywood.

    • Kiki Layne from If Beale Street Could Talk has made it clear she wants the role. Why are they just ignoring dark skin actresses for this dark skin role?

  5. Oh god no…can you please try and make an effort to get someone that looks somewhat close to what storm might look like in real life …like Nathalie Emmanuel, wow that was easy!

  6. I have to agree with the above comments. They need to do Storm justice this time around and they can start with hiring a dark skinned actress. Nafessa Williams, Naturi Naughton, Tika Sumpter are all good choices and can bring a sense of grace and leadership that all of the previous Storms lack.

    Why is it that T’Challa can be dark skinned, but Storm cannot? I know this is just a rumor and that she hasn’t actually been cast yet but this is kinda troubling. There will likely be people that don’t really get this criticism, but colorism is a thing, especially in the entertainment industry and it comes down hard on dark skinned women. With the two previous Storms, two capable dark skinned actresses were denied a huge role (Angela Bassett would have been perfect in the original movies).

    Now, Marvel and Disney have the chance to do it right. I will support them either way, purely because I love the character and the X-men too much not to, and I know that Emmanuel would do a great job as Storm, but I’m hoping that Feige respects Storm and her fans enough to give us the version we’ve been wishing for.

  7. No. I liked her a lot on GoT but she is no Storm. Why is it so hard to hire a dark skinned actress? Storm should be dark, tall, athletic, intimidating, like Grace Jones. Stop with the twiggy light skinned women, that is not who Ororo Monroe is. But I would like to see Storm in the next Black Panther. But that is coming from someone who has wanted a solo Storm movie for 20+ years.

  8. Storm is Dark Skin she is Native to Kenya
    Why can’t we get a Dark skin actress
    Why is this so difficult

  9. Storm is Dark Skinned. I love this actress but the reason Storm is so loved is that she looks like most darker skinned black girls.

  10. Dump the idea… over the light skinned portrayal of her… it’s getting offensive and is a dishonor to Storm…

  11. Storm is a dark skin African woman not light.. we need to stick with the program.. not saying anyone is racist but it is not difficult to cast a dark skin.woman for Storm..why is everyone acting like it is in production and casting ?????? And she needs an accent.. go to Africa and book an actress …#dropmic

  12. No, NO, NO.
    Storm is a dark-skinned Kenyan woman. For 20 years, Fox has whitewashed her African roots. Marvel hopefully knows better than to make such a tone-deaf casting decision, the types of decisions that are made when no one thought to consult any persons of color before choosing someone to represent us. Unless they want hella backlash, they’d better ask somebody, and they need to start with Ryan Coogler. Simply being of color isn’t the sole criteria for every Black role. This girl is NOT right for this role.

  13. In addition to being dark skinnned, Storm is also DRAMATIC! She speaks with GRAVITAS!!! She was worshipped as a goddess before joining the X-Men and has a regal nature. She is not meek, or quiet.

    Halle Berry didn’t do her justice, she was too calm and collected and soft spoken. I don’t know this actress’s work very well, but I didn’t see her project any gravitas in GoT.

  14. No No No!!!
    You all need help please ask Ryan Coogler and who ever else helped with the casting of Black Panrher. Didn’t you notice how he made Angela Bassetts hair the color of Storm’s. Because she should have been the original. Why don’t they like casting African/black Americans? Here’s a list of people to consider. (Can I get a Finders Fee ? LOL) KiKi Layne, Cynthia Erivo and Dewanda Wise. That should be a good start. Also Storm is a powerful authorative figure. These actors arent that great and dont have that type of presence.

  15. No… they should hold out for someone that looks less fragile… Back in the day Angela Basset or Iman would have been better choices over Halle Berry. it’s a shame they wasted the current Storm actress. Micheala Coel would be a way more interesting choice.

  16. Honestly in the comics and the cartoon storms skin tone varies depending on who is drawing here. During the Jim Lee days she was light brown. All they have to make sure if the actress can act, has the accent and screen presence.

  17. Once again they are getting it wrong. What is the problem with the MCU picking a woman with a darker complexion. She is black not bi-racial and not even redboned (lightskin). I didn’t like Halley or Shipman playing her. We need Yetide Badaki, Yaya DaCosta, DeWanda Wise, Ryan Destiny, Aja Naomi King, Yvonne Orji, Lupita and Yvonne Orji… Oh yeah Naomie Harris… Like come on.

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