Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Yakuza Turned Housewife -The Best Gangster Manga

The Immortal Tatsu, feared in the world of the Yakuza, takes on his biggest challenge yet - being a house husband.

A Golden Girls Puppet Show is Touring The U.S.

There is a Golden Girls Puppet show that you have to see!

Jon Favreau Already Has a Star In Mind For His Star Wars Holiday Special

There could be another Star Wars Holiday Special on the horizon

Lucky Fan Catches Joker Stair Scene on Video

A lucky fan was able to watch as Joaquin Phoenix danced down the stairs

Disney+ Already Has Over 10 Million Subscribers

Disney+ had over 10 million subscribers on launch day.

Geeky Getaways Can Send You to A Galaxy Far, Far Away..

Geeky Getaways can take you to the most influential places of nerd history.

These Hogwarts House Looksee Boxes Are FULL of Good Stuff!

These boxes have something for everyone, and they come in every Hogwarts house!

Alex Trebek Get’s Emotional Over Contestants Final Answer

Alex became emotional when one contestant wrote a personal message to the longtime host.

It’s Mister Rogers “Cardigan Day”

It's Mister Rogers Cardigan day!

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