Wednesday, August 7, 2019

The Poetry of the Midwest: The Works of Daniel W. Wright

A Nerdbot Exclusive Interview with Daniel W. Wright!

Donald Trump Suggests Crackdown on Violent Video Games

Trump believes censoring violent video games is a step in the right direction.

The Slow Death of GameStop

When was the last time you were in a GameStop?

The Area 51 Raid Event Has Been Taken Down by Facebook

The Facebook event to raid Area 51 has been taken down!

Woman Leaves Dog in Hot Car, Cop Lets Punishment Fit the Crime

You won't believe what the cop does after he finds this poor dog locked in a hot car.

A Four Hour Version of “Once Upon A Time in Hollywood” Rumored for Netflix

Tarantino is rumored in talks with Netflix to release an extended version of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Artist Freya Jobbins Turns Dolls Into Scuptures

Artist Freya Jobbins re-purposes doll parts to make intricate sculptures.

Experience Halloween at Hogwarts with this New Tour

The Harry Potter Studio Tour is offering a Halloween Experience!

New House Listing on Zillow Features Dinosaurs

A new listing on Zillow features a Dinosaur and people friendly home.

Hulk Vs.Thor Fight Scene with Lightsabers!

ImmersionVFX has made an epic scene even better with the addition of Lightsabers

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