Thursday, June 4, 2020
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“Lore Olympus” Animated Series Coming to Netflix from Jim Henson Company

We are so thrilled to report that Netflix and The Jim Henson Company are developing a young adult animated series based on...

“Supernatural” Seasons 1-5: How It Should Have Ended [Review]

"Supernatural" is a fantastic (albeit formulaic) show that fills the void left by its predecessors while also paying homage to them.

Early Baby Yoda Design is the Stuff of Nightmares

As it turns out, the early designs of Baby Yoda were absolutely haunting.

Wanna Know What Happened to Amazon’s “The Dark Tower” Series?

Remember when Amazon purchased a very substantial set of literary IP to develop into series and such? We remember, and we remember...

STARZ Still Considering Multiple “Outlander” Spinoff Series?

STARZ hit series "Outlander" completed their 5th just recently, and a lot of questions were raised. What's with all the story changes?...

HBO Max Gets C+ from Analysts But Could Have Done Better

HBO Max may have just launched, but according to analysts it could have done much better. Here's how they could have done it.

“Attack on Titan” 4th and Final Season Trailer Released

The fourth and final season of popular anime "Attack on Titan" still has no release date, but we've got a trailer as...

7 Character Posters for “The Umbrella Academy” Season 2

Netflix has released seven new character posters featuring the Hargreeves children for the upcoming second season of "The Umbrella Academy."

“Glitch Techs”: A Fast Paced Show Where Kid Gamers Save the World

Nickelodeon/Netflix team up to bring us Glitch Techs! A show were a group of teens save the world from game glitches that invade our real world space.

21 Years Later & “Zaboomafoo” Still Slaps

Kids shows just aren't at the level of Zaboomafoo and it's a show you should revisit even if you don't have kids.

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TIL: When a Pelican Overheats it Pulls its Spine Out of its Mouth

Today we learned pelicans can pull up their spines to cool them off... and they have a crazy way of yawning.

Nintendo Plushies Lined Seats at Korean Baseball Game

Practicing social distancing can be hard, but people are finding more and more ways to be creative with it. This Korean Baseball game used Pokemon plushies to line the seats to feel less empty.

Bill & Ted Give Graduation Congrats to San Dimas High School

SAN DIMAS HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL RULES.We love "Bill & Ted," and cannot wait for the third chapter of the franchise, "Bill &...