Thursday, January 16, 2020

Lizzie McGuire On Disney+ Is Officially On Hold

The creator of Lizzie McGuire has exited the reboot

Ewan McGregor Reprising His Role in Kenobi Disney + Series

Ewan McGregor is gearing up for his role as Obi Wan in Disney Plus' new Star Wars series

American Horror Story Has Been Renewed For 3 More Seasons

More American Horror Story is coming!

Blue Beetle Series Reportedly Coming to HBO Max

Blue Beetle is reportedly getting a series at HBO Max

Alex Trebek Has His Final Farewell All Planned Out

We are not ready to say goodbye

Avatar The Last Airbender Coming Back To Netflix

Avatar the Last Airbender is coming back to Netflix

Doctor Who Goes James Bond, And It’s Great

Doctor Who turns James Bond in the episode Skyfall

Netflix’s The Witcher: Top Differences Between the Show and Video Game Series

There's a lot of differences in 'The Witcher' when compared to the books. Read about them here!

Subscribers Are Canceling Their Disney+ Subscriptions After Mandalorian Season Ends

Mandalorian ends, and so does a lot of Disney Plus subsciptions

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