Monday, July 22, 2019

Brandon Routh Reprising Superman Role In Crossover

In this Years DCTV Multishow Crossover , Crisis on Infinite Earths, Brandon Routh returns to the role of Superman

DuckTales Season 3 Brings Back Almost All of The Disney Afternoon

Ducktales is introducing characters from a Disney Afternoon spread out between seasons 2 and 3

Jason David Frank Launches Bid for New Power Rangers Movie

Jason David Frank launches bid for the next new Power Rangers film

Netflix Reveals First Look At Mindhunter Season 2

The intellectual serial killer show returns later this summer.

MCU Needs the Champions

It's not the heroes we deserve, but the ones we need

Are We Living in a Golden Era of LGBTQ Television?

Are We Living in a Golden Era of LGBTQ Television?

Want A Clue About Stranger Things 4? Call This Number

For any of you who have not finished Stranger Things 3... what the hell is the matter with you? It’s been on Netflix for like ten days or something. You best get on that mug.

New Spinoff for ‘The Walking Dead’ Casts Three New Leads

Alexa Mansour, Nicolas Cantu, and Hal Cumpston
AMC announces three new leads for its new 'The Walking Dead' spinoff series.

Costumes Revealed For American Horror Story 1984!

Costumes revealed for AHS 1984!

Marilyn Manson Joins “The Stand” on CBS

“[Musician Shooter Jennings] and I also did a cover of “The End” by the Doors, for a new miniseries of The Stand by Stephen King, which I’m also going to be acting in.”

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