A source close to the initial studio casting talks for a possible new Wolverine stand alone film is reporting that Charlie Hunnam is a front runner to play our favorite clawed Superhero.

Charlie Hunnam’s most notable role is in the FX original series Sons of Anarchy, as biker gang leader Jax Teller. The series ended in 2014.

The rights for the X-men franchise, including it’s individual character properties are now in the hands of Disney.

With the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) Phase 3 being completed with the release of Avengers: Endgame, Marvel and Disney are now looking to create a new Phase 4 Universe with Captain Marvel and Spider-Man leading the early charge.

That leaves the door open for new character and team productions, including X-Men, Wolverine and Fantastic 4.

Would Charlie Hunnam make a good Wolverine?

I think he would make an excellent choice. We’ll keep you posted on any developments or official announcements.


  1. Marvel probably won’t feature Wolverine for a while, they are probably going to start with the 05 when they bring the X-men into the MCU. plus too many people associate Wolverine with Hugh Jackman.

    • Just because he is in talks doesn’t mean it’s happening tomorrow. It can take years to get a movie into production.

  2. Ugh I hope not. He oversells his performances and one is aware that he’s acting rather than investing in the character. He was the weak link in SoA being surrounded by much more competent actors. I hope this is fake news. Wolverine should be badass… not portrayed by someone who tries too hard to be badass.

  3. Ugh, please no. He would make a terrible Wolverine.

    Feige has already said that we won’t be seeing any X-Men in Marvel for a while. They have more than enough on their plate with the movies in Phase 4 before they start worrying about the X-Men. We likely won’t see or hear anything about them for a good 4 or 5 years – until people have gotten the taste of the Fox X-Men out of their mouths, and until the sting of Jackman hanging up the claws has lessened.

  4. Danny DeVito is 4′ 10″ and Wolverine (not Hugh Jackman who is a massive 6′ 3″) is 5′ 3″. On that note, Danny DeVito is not only lacking in height, but also in badassitude! Why not peruse the cast of Vikings or 300 for an ideal specimen? Is there a Hemsworth, Johnson, or Momoa? We need eye candy!

  5. Charlie Hunnam would definitely make an awesome Wolverine! I’d watch him in anything but he’ll always be Jacks Teller to me!

  6. Hunnam can’t do an American accent to save his life. Terrible choice. Find someone who is physically less of a Jackman clone and can bring some of the original character to the screen.

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