Saturday, January 18, 2020

The VW Beetle is Being Retired, Officially

VW is officially retiring the Beetle

Artist Creates Life Sized Driveable Tie Fighter

Allan Carver creates a really cool driveable Tie Fighter in his garage!

How IoT Can Transform and Improve the Gaming Experience

When it comes to the future of gaming, it’s a technology worth keeping your eye on.

ICYMI: Sony No Longer Interested In Dedicated Handheld Gaming

Playstation says they're no longer interested in hand held gaming, but the future is never written in stone

Glow in the Dark Stars To End All Glow in the Dark Stars

This projector will up your glow in the dark stars game ten fold.

Scientists Are Actually Trying to Open a Portal to a Mirror Universe(Yes Really)

Oak Ridge National Laboratory is trying to reflect particles and create or discover a parallel universe

Cryptocurrency & Modern Accounting Trends

Cryptocurrency is increasingly accepted by retailers, gaming sites, and in real estate.

Top Useful Apps for Busy Professionals

Top Useful Apps for Busy Professionals

Guy Programs Furby to Sing Chop Suey

A Furby can now sing Chop Suey and it's slightly disturbing. But in just the right way.

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