Tuesday, November 19, 2019

There is a Robot That Will Pick Up Your Dogs Poop For You

The Beetl is the newest poop scooping roomba that every dog owner should have.

Warner Brothers Lays Out The Future of HBO Max

A ton of new information about the upcoming service has hit. Is it enough to compete with Netflix and Disney?

Verizon is Offering a Year of Disney Plus When You Switch to Their Service

Disney and Verizon team up to give you a free year of Disney +. New and existing customers can take advantage of the new deal

Game Boy Clone Plays Retro Games From Most Handheld Systems

Analogue is changing the way we play handheld retro games

How Noise-Canceling Technology Works

With the advancement in technology, many sound-related equipment and devices are adopting new ways to enhance sound quality and experience.

Folding Screens and Greater Power for Gaming Smartphones

When it comes to gaming hardware we tend to aim for the best the current market has to offer or as close as we can get to that standard.

Your Alexa Can Be Voiced By Samuel L. Jackson

Amazon’s Alexa is about to get a little more exciting. The company has announced Samuel L. Jackson as it’s first celebrity voice option for its voice activated service.

Fintech & Budgeting: Future Trends

Budgeting is hard, here are the best apps for managing your money.

Get Ready For Sony’s SuperWalkman

Sony is releasing a mock version of their SuperWalkman

Christopher Nolan, Rian Johnson Are Coming To Fix Your Grandparent’s TV

Filmmaker Mode Coming Soon To TV's Everywhere

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