Dog Collar That Swears Every Time A Dog Barks

If you ask the dog why they're cussing, It would probably say "I learned it from watching you"

The Terrific Duo: Technology And the MCU

It is not very surprising to see technology embedded in any superhero created in today’s time but what fascinates someone the most is to see superheroes from times like those of 1930s such as Spiderman, Iron Man exhibiting technology which is still ahead of time.

It Takes 17 People To Operate This Giant Fire Breathing Mechanical Dragon

This giant mechanical dragon takes 19 people to operate!

Elven Earbuds Are Here to Make Your Listening Experience Magical

These Elf earbuds can take you to magical places.

Blind Engineer Invents Smart Cane With Google Maps & Sensors

WeWalk is a cane that uses GoogleMaps, bluetooth and sensors to get you where you want to go safely.

Engineer Creates Distraction Free Rotary Dial Cell Phone

This distraction free rotary phone was built by an engineer for an excuse not to text.

Berry Blue and Sunset Orange Controllers Are Back For a Limited Time

These colors are back for a limited time!

Nissin And Hyper X Are Collabing For Cup Of Noodles Headphone

Cup of Noodles has come out with their own gaming headset

You Can Now Customize Your Echo Dot To Look Like R2-D2

You can get kit to make your Amazon Echo Dot look like r2d2

Booming eSports And How They Are Affecting The iGaming Industry

The eSports industry that combines digital gaming with the atmosphere and excitement of traditional sporting events is a growing one.

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