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Scientists Are Actually Trying to Open a Portal to a Mirror Universe(Yes Really)

According to the New York post scientists at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Eastern Tennessee are working on a way to open a portal to a parallel universe. This seems like something out of Stranger Things and has been compared to it but it seems much more strange that it is an actual experiment that’s happening right now. I mean, they have seen the show right? Things go horribly wrong in so many ways…

The experiment is being led by Leah Broussard who admits that the whole thing is pretty wacky, but she is hoping that it will “totally change the game”. She is looking to find a world identical to ours where life is mirrored. Often as a kid I would look into my closet mirror and wonder what if my room was really built backwards and thought it would be cool to live in a backwards room, but I never imagined that it was real. Broussard is looking to find that reality and she already has a full plan on how to do it.

She is going to beam subatomic particles down a 50 foot tunnel. The beam will pass through a powerful magnet and hit an impenetrable wall with a neutron detector behind it. If successful the particles will transform into mirror images of themselves allowing them to burrow through the impenetrable wall.

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Broussard doesn’t really expect it to work, but if it did it would be pretty wild. She said that she believes that the test will “measure zero”, but if they actually do get any results, that’s a huge step in an entirely new direction. The current theory is that there aren’t mirrored versions of humans or biological life, but that there would be mirrored atoms, rocks, planets or stars.

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