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About Us

What do you think about when you think of the term nerd? Is it more old school, and your mind drifts to computers or being socially awkward? Or maybe you have adapted the terminology into meaning that it encompasses everything you love, like comics, movies and television.

Here at Nerdbot, we strive to bring you all kinds of news and information surrounding the world of pop culture and nerdom. We’re here to help you stay up to date on current events and delve deep into what it is you love. We have editorials about toys, games, movies, television and more.

Editorial Staff

Breana Ceballos – Managing Editor

Breana Ceballos is our Managing Editor at Nerdbot. She’s an anime lover and pop culture trivia freak. Plus if she doesn’t know the answer to something, she feels compelled to then learn everything about that particular subject. She has two children that she has inundated with her love of anything fandom-related. She strives to be not only a super mom but also a super editor, never taking a break from the daily grind of bringing you the hottest news about what’s going on. It’s her duty and mission to provide readers with all the need to know information you’ll need to get by. Or-just provide you with useless knowledge that will do you no good whatsoever.

Mary Anne Butler – News Editor

Mary Anne Butler (Mab) has been part of the fast-paced world of journalism since she was 14, getting her start in album reviews and live concert coverage for a nationally published (print) music magazine. She eventually transitioned to online media, writing for such sites as UGO/IGN, ComicsOnline, Geek Magazine, Ace of Geeks, Aggressive Comix (where she is still Editor-in-Chief), Bleeding Cool (where she was News Editor), and now Nerdbot as News Editor. Over the past 15 years, she’s built a reputation at conventions across the globe as a cosplayer (occasionally), photographer (constantly), panelist and moderator (mostly), and reporter (always). Interviews, reviews, observations, breaking news, and objective reporting are the name of the game for the founder of Harkonnen Knife Fight, a Dune-themed band with an international presence. Though she be but little, she is fierce.

Bill Watters – Television & Film Editor

Bill Watters is a child of the late 70s- he walked into a theater to watch Star Wars, and emerged to become a lifelong fan of cinema and television. Spending nearly a decade as a projectionist, he fell into the Silicon Valley dot-com boom and became a codemonkey for a range of game companies. These days he’s a frequent speaker, moderator, and panelist at pop-culture events and conventions, as well as a prolific film and television critic and genre news writer. He is also a member critic of both the San Francisco Film Critics Circle and the Broadcast Film Critics Association. In addition to his writing, he is also a photojournalist and can be found on Getty Images.

You can reach out to our editorial staff individually, or at [email protected]