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‘Power Rangers’ Lord Zedd is an Antihero with a Secret

Lord Zedd: The Gwar-like veiny monster muscle man who replaced Rita Repulsa during the very long first season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Back when I was a kid, Lord Zedd was such a badass that I didn’t even realize he wasn’t based on any original Japanese footage. He was an All-American boy. And while […]

The Ultimate Power Rangers Fantasy

I’ve had Power Rangers on the brain an awful lot. Sure, it might be because the franchise is a lot of fun! But it could also be because I’m a Megazord collector who will take any opportunity to go toy shopping. And with the show newly in the hands of Hasbro (while keeping Master Yoda […]

4 Worst Things About the 2017 Power Rangers Movie

I want to talk about a film. One that I consider to be one of the greatest examples of cinematic awkwardness I’ve had the displeasure of viewing in my entire life. What’s worse is that the smug teen drama, or “gritty” as it fancies itself, had the audacity to pretend it was a Power Rangers […]

‘Power Rangers’ Sequel in Early Development

There may not be many of them, but fans of last year’s Power Rangers theatrical film may at last rejoice. A sequel to 2017’s Power Rangers is confirmed to be in early development as Hasbro has plans to work with a film studio to make a sequel happen.In a recent report from, Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner told analysts about the […]

Power Rangers: “Old Man” Tommy Oliver

Mighty Morphing Power Rangers: Soul of the Dragon is Boom Studios upcoming title scheduled to release this winter. As reported by, this new graphic novel will shy away from the previous Power Ranger installments. In the story, we follow a much older Tommy Oliver, after his time as the Black Dino Ranger in Dino Thunder, and a long […]

Rangers Revealed for the 25th Anniversary Episode of Ninja Steel

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Power Rangers. Nickelodeon has been airing Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel every Saturday at 12pm ET/PT. They will be airing a special anniversary episode on Nickelodeon August 28th at 8pm which is the date that the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers first appeared on the Fox Kids Network. There are going […]

Jason David Frank Wants Amy Jo Johnson to Direct Power Rangers Reunion

The actor that plays OG Green Ranger Tommy Oliver (Jason David Frank) in the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Ranger TV Series wants Amy Jo Johnson (Pink Ranger, Kimberly Hart) to direct the reunion episode. Apparently, Johnson is a great director! In a exclusive interview at San Diego Comic Con he said that he would love […]

Why Goldar was the True Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Villain All Along

I started watching Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers in 1994 and it quickly became one of my favorite shows. It had a blend of everything; corny drama, good looking actors, Japanese monster fight footage, transforming sentai action, and awesome robotic Megazords. All in all, a near perfect show in a nine year old’s eyes. But one thing always […]