Monday, July 6, 2020

Loryn Stone

Loryn Stone has dedicated her life to the written Word of the Nerd. Her writing has also been published on other pop culture websites such as Cracked, LoadScreen, PopLurker, and Temple of Geek. Her debut young-adult novel "My Starlight" (a contemporary love letter to fandom, friendship, anime, cosplaying, love, and loss) is out now by Affinity Rainbow Publications. When she's not writing, Loryn's other interests include collecting robots (Megazords, specifically), playing bass, and blasting metal.

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Retro Game Review: A Nightmare on Elm Street for the NES

This is a Nerd Voices contributing pieces from Nerdbot reader Chris Macauley. You can see more of his writing on his personal blog, Talking Comics. I’m going to admit this straight away, I’m not the biggest...

Watch Rick Baker Sculpt The Joker Bust in New Time-Lapse Video

Best known for his work on Hollywood blockbusters such as Star Wars, Gremlins, Thriller, King Kong and Planet of the Apes, special effects artist Rick Baker has brought his monster-making talent to one of DC’s...

Barbie Pushes Global Initiative To Champion Girls’ Limitless Potential With “Dream Gap Project”

This is the most beautiful and heartbreaking thing at the exact same time. As reported directly from Mattel Toys, Barbie® (yes, the doll herself) announces the Dream Gap Project, a multi-year global initiative to raise awareness around...

Man Arrested After Selling Fake Yu-Gi-Oh! Card for $3,600

According to a report on Anime News Network, a man was arrested for selling a fake Yu-Gi-Oh! card to the wrong persons. Both the Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokémon trading card games have some serious collectors after ultra-rare cards. Many of these...

‘The Complete Art of Full Metal’ Alchemist Book Will Please All Its Fans

VIZ Media is set to release THE COMPLETE ART OF FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST on November 13th. Commence heavy breathing. THE COMPLETE ART OF FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST contains more than 300 illustrations of FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST by creator Hiromu Arakawa. The MSRP for THE COMPLETE...

Dynamite Launches Kickstarter for First Pathfinder Resin Statue

Dynamite Entertainment announces a Kickstarter campaign for the first-ever resin statue for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. The publisher continues their strong partnership with gaming leader Paizo Inc. following years of expanding the lore of the...

Fortnite Action Figures From McFarlane Are Available For Pre-Order

McFarlane Toys has released new official images for their upcoming 7" Premium Action figures based on the popular Fortnite video game. The figures are said to have around 18-22 points of articulation and include various accessories...

Alan Tudyk to Voice The Joker in DC’s Harley Quinn Animated Series

Reported by Nerdbot contributor Chris MacQuarrie    What does a firefly-class spaceship pilot, a candy themed royal race car driver, a thalassophobic (fear of the ocean) chicken, the duke of weaseltown (“it’s pronounced Wesselton!”), a weasel named...

Nerdbot Reviews: ‘Rainbow Brite’ Issue One from Dynamite Entertainment

Hi, my name is Loryn and I can't stop writing about Rainbow Brite.  I'm not even kidding that I'll take any opportunity to write about my first superhero. Rainbow Brite was the very first show I actually remember watching....



Should The Haunted Mansion Hanging Man be Removed?

Should The Haunted Mansion's hanging man be removed? Some Disneyland fans believe it should.

TIL: Momalorians are Not Just Moms Who Like “The Mandalorian”

Momalorians and Papalorians are probably not what you were thinking...

Scientists Recently Discovered a Lost City off the Cuban Coast

Researchers found a group of Pyramid structures along with other shapes that elude to a city. Researchers are estimating the ruins are around 6,000 years old.

Harry Potter Fan Sites Take Public Stand on J.K. Rowling

The Harry Potter fandom is taking it back. The Leaky Cauldron & MuggleNet have both released statements about where they stand on J.K. Rowling's Anti Trans views.

Force Ghost Edit of “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” Makes it…Better?

The inclusion of force ghosts in the "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker" battle with Palpatine and Rey makes the scene 1000x better.