Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Austin Barnett

Austin Barnett was born and raised in Mount Sterling, Kentucky where he spent his teenage years getting lost in the world of video games, comics and fantasy novels. As an adult Austin moved with his lovely wife to the hills of eastern Kentucky, where he still tends to get lost in the same worlds he did as a teen. In his free time Austin likes to attend Comic Conventions and work on his novel he will probably never finish.

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Devil May Cry Anime Series Coming Soon

Confirmed earlier today by IGN, Devil May Cry will be developed into a Anime television series. The anime series will be produced and overseen by the man who brought us the beloved Castlevania series to Netflix, Adi...

George R.R. Martins “Wildcards” Will Be Adapted by Hulu

Hulu is jumping on the George R.R. Martin bandwagon as it nears a multiple-series deal to develop Martins Wildcard series for television as reported by The Hollywood Reporter. The shows will be a shared universe on...

Pedro Pascal cast as the Lead in upcoming “The Mandalorian” Series

In a recent report by Variety, it has been confirmed that Pedro Pascal has been cast as the lead in the upcoming Star Wars live action television series The Mandalorian. Pascal is best known for his roles in Game...

Jeremy Irons to Play an older Ozymandias in HBO’s upcoming Watchmen Series

When HBO's Watchmen television series, based off the graphic novel by Alan Moore, was ordered to series the nerd world erupted in delight. Since that announcement not much has been heard about the upcoming series....

Nerdbot Reviews Marvels “Arach-Knight”

Round three has come and Marvel does it again with another character mashup and this time it's Spider-Man and.... Moon Knight?? That's right! Marvel has combined two more amazing characters to create Arach-Knight. Coming from Marvel...

Marvel Announces: ‘Wolverine: The Lost Trail’ Podcast

It looks as if Marvel is exploring another medium for it's comic book characters in the form of Podcast with its first release of Wolverine:The Long Night earlier this year on Stitcher Premium and other...

Young Prof. McGonagall to appear in “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” has revealed that a young Professor McGonagall will be appearing in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. The part was originally played by Dame Maggie Smith in the Harry Potter fims. Seeing how the Fantastic Beast takes...

Top 3 Zombie Themed Books to Read for the Fan of the Undead

The zombie trope is what the younger kids call "lit". It has become the most well received and most popular theme in Television Shows and Movies from the Walking Dead to World War Z, both of which...

My Run in With a Gathering of Devil Worshipers

I haven't had to many scary experiences in my life. If I had none have really ever stood out enough for me to remember to well, except for one. It was October 22nd about six...



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