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What Will be The Next Avengers Movie

It can sometimes be hard to put ideas and concepts into perspective. When you’re stuck it can be helpful to get an outsiders ideas to help get the creative juices flowing – Welcome to Nerdbot Nosies where our staff gives you their opinions on different topics. Let’s get started What and who do you want […]

The Ultimate Playlist to Prepare You for ‘Endgame’

If you are like most normal people, you are waiting with baited breath to find out exactly what is going to happen with Avengers: Endgame. In Infinity War (SPOILER) we saw a lot of our beloved heroes die. It was enough of a shock for people to warrant spiraling into a deep depression. I know […]

Avengers 4 Trailer Set To Premiere Wednesday Morning

Fool me once Marvel…shame on you. Fool me twice…well, I’m okay with that! For the past few weeks we’ve been awaiting a trailer for Avengers 4 to be unleashed onto the world. So far all the speculation, including Nerdbot’s has been wrong! Now the twitter powers that be, the ones in the “know” are promising […]

‘Avengers 4’ trailer is expected to premiere tomorrow

All evidence leads us to believe that an Avengers 4 (or whatever it might be named) trailer is going to be premiered in Hollywood tomorrow night and shortly after, on the Web. Why? Tomorrow night Collider is hosting a special screening of Infinity War at 6:30 PM PST at the ArcLight Hollywood.  The Russo brothers (Directors of Infinity […]

Disney Confirms New Loki TV Series with Tom Hiddleston

Disney head Bob Iger announced that a new Loki series starring Tom Hiddleston will debut on Disney’s new streaming service “Disney+” in the United States sometime in late 2019. Disney is pulling out the the big guns for it’s new steaming service line up. As it stands now, it’s safe to assume that we’ll be […]

Tilda Swinton Returning as Ancient One in Avengers 4

ScreenRant reports that almost if not accidentally leaked at a panel by Michael Grillo himself at The Austin Film Festival was the astounding reveal that Tilda Swinton would be scheduled to shoot for the upcoming Avengers 4 film. Hinting clearly at some time line jumping or psychic contact! When asked about filming a movie with […]

Spider-Man: Far From Home Set Photo May Reveal Stealth Suit

Screenrant reports that Peter Parker may be wearing a new stealth suit in the latest Spider-Man: Far From Home set photo. Tom Holland made his debut as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Spider-Man in a small role in Captain America: Civil War, but he’s quickly become a major part of the franchise. Spider-Man: Homecoming proved there’s still massive interest in standalone […]

‘Avengers 4’ Is Casting for a Stunt-Butt

Want to be in a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie? Think you’ve got the goods to back it up? Then this is the announcement you’ve been waiting for! Avengers 4 is hot on the trail for some quality tush! According to, a casting call has gone out in Georgia (USA) for “Photo Double” who will work on an “exciting project.” […]