Monday, September 21, 2020

Elvin Zuleta

I am the Media Manager at Nerdbot Media. Growing up in the 90,'s, my pop culture soul is strong with the force! Movies and comics are my strength. Peanut Butter is my weakness.

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I Don’t Play Video Games, and That’s Okay

This is why I personally don't play video games, and why that's totally okay to admit...

Hey Kids, Do You Miss Blockbuster?

Do you miss Blockbuster? We do

Please, Stop Releasing Complete Seasons of New Shows!

Which side are you on? Do you like binging shows all at once or do you miss the anticipation for the next episode?

How Many Movies Has Samuel L. Jackson Been In?

Wonder how many movies Samuel L. Jackson has been in? Well we've found them all. Try enjoying some of his more obscure films!

When Will ‘Endgame’ Beat ‘Avatar’ For The Global Box Office Record?

It's been over 10 years since Avatar took the total Global Box Office record, leaving its imprint on history with a total of $2.79 billion total sales and sailing by the previous record...

Paul Rudd Confirmed To Join New Ghostbusters Movie

Looks like the new Ghostbusters film is getting Ant-Man to help catch ghosts! Paul Rudd has confirmed that he's officially joined the cast of the new Ghostbusters movie.

Taskmaster Revealed as “Black Widow” Movie Main Villain

The new Marvel movie "Black Widow" is currently making its film shooting marks around Europe. One question we've been asking ourselves was "who will be the villain"? Based on...

New Fast & Furious Animated Series Coming To Netflix

From the franchise that brought you fast cars, exploding cars and a ton of sequels (8 and many more on the way) is now coming to Netflix with a new animated series.

Matt Reeves Just Confirmed Pattinson as “The Batman”

Nothing says "YOU'RE BATMAN" like 3 little Bat emojis! That's what we received from soon to be "The Batman" Director Matt Reeves on his Twitter account.



3 “Hocus Pocus” Sanderson Sisters Frappuccinos Coming to Starbucks

Coming to Starbucks this Spooky Season....3 "Hocus Pocus" Sanderson Sisters inspired frappuccinos! With fall comes cozy outfits, thick scarves, pumpkin spice everything,...

Person Reenacts “Blues Brothers” Bridge Jump Stunt in Detroit

We WISH we were making this up, but this is completely a real thing that happened in the city of Detroit. Some...

Build-A-Bear Just Released a Limited Edition Oogie Boogie

Build-A-Bear just released a new limited edition Oogie Boogie that sings!

SURPRISE- Disney+ Drops New Trailer for “Wanda Vision”

Leave it to Disney+ and Marvel Studios to drop a trailer on a Sunday night while we're cooking dinner! But, we're happy...

Japan Hires Robot Workers in Their Convenience Stores

Japanese convenience stores have rolled out with robot workers.