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‘Avengers 4’ trailer is expected to premiere tomorrow

All evidence leads us to believe that an Avengers 4 (or whatever it might be named) trailer is going to be premiered in Hollywood tomorrow night and shortly after, on the Web.


Tomorrow night Collider is hosting a special screening of Infinity War at 6:30 PM PST at the ArcLight Hollywood.  The Russo brothers (Directors of Infinity War /  Avengers 4) will be in house doing a special Q&A from the audience following the showing.

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What better time to show the new trailer? And if they don’t, they will just end up receiving 120 of the same question…”When are we getting the trailer”?

On another note, the first trailer for Infinity War was launched almost at this same time last year, November 29th, 2017

If we do get the trailer, we can hope to see some missing characters like Ant-Man, Hawkeye and Phil Coulson on screen.

All we can do is hope!

Those are are sharp and deadly!





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