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No ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Toys Were Allowed at the New York Toy Fair

In an attempt to keep audiences in the dark about what the plot may have in store for us in Endgame, Marvel put a stipulation on what toys could be shown at the New York Toy Fair.

MarvelToyNews on twitter tweeted out that they were not allowed to display any of the new Lego sets for 2019. That isn’t surprising though as Lego have many sets that not only include characters from movies but also have box sets for specific scenes. Some such as Spiderman vs. Sandman and could be the difference between a “hey look at that cool toy” and an “oops we spoiled a plot point.” Now imagine if they had a Captain Marvel vs. Thanos set, that would be a big oops.

There were some toys potentially spoiled earlier this year that showed some of the Marvel characters in their outfits from the new film. For example there was a leak of what Pepper Pott’s rescue armor and some of the other outfits from the movie would look like from TioVengador on twitter back in January. Now if we look at their twitter we see this.

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I guess at least in America they are able to keep things underwraps. As far as other countries not so much.

Do you think they should have allowed us to see Avengers: Endgame toys at the Toy Fair? Tell us in the comments!

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