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Todd McFarlane Developing Spawn Characters “Sam and Twitch” TV Show

Image Comics legend Todd McFarlane (creator of “Spawn”) and indie studio darling wiip (producers of HBO’s “Mare of Easttown”) are partnering to bring two of Spawn’s most beloved characters to the small screen. “Sam and Twitch” will follow the adventures of two old hand homicide detectives, hard as they come, the last good cops in […]

Is The New Spawn Movie Already Dead?

There are so many reboots, remakes, whatever you want to call them either being made or in development right now, it’s hard to keep track of them all. Seems like I start a good amount of my articles for Nerdbot with a variation of that sentence. Disney is even rebooting Honey I Shrunk The Kids […]

Top 10 Alternate Timeline Spawn Toys

Spawn is one of the most enduring independent comic book properties of all time. Created by Todd McFarlane in 1992, Spawn is the tale of assassin Al Simmons returning from the dead as a demonic Hellspawn soldier. But Simmons was just one of many Spawns in several different timelines and universes. Many of these alternate […]

Jeremy Renner Cast In The Spawn Reboot

Blumhouse’s upcoming Spawn reboot just got a brand new cast member. Hawkeye himself, Jeremy Renner will double dip superhero universes and stand alongside Jamie Foxx in the film. The news comes via on July 9th. Renner will join a select group of actors like J.K. Simmons who are featured in projects derived from different […]

Jamie Foxx Is Our New Spawn

It can be really easy to forget that there are superheroes who have nothing to do with the Marvel and DC Cinematic Universes. I know right? These days it seems the big screen is dominated by two major comic book publishers in a battle for total and complete box office domination. Honestly it’s not much […]

Spawn Film Begins Casting

It seems like ever since New Line Cinema wrapped and released ‘Spawn’ back in 1997, Todd McFarlane, the creator of Spawn, had his heart set on continuing the story of Al Simmons into a sequel. I never gave up hope, as whispers of another Spawn film had been around for just over twenty years now, […]