Author: Anthony Arviso

Anthony Arviso is a student of film that obsesses over horror in cinema, games, literature, folklore and animation. A hardcore fan of pro wrestling and lover of all people and things that get overlooked by the masses. Family man by day. The best D.Va main, you'll ever know, by night.

It seems like ever since New Line Cinema wrapped and released ‘Spawn’ back in 1997, Todd McFarlane, the creator of Spawn, had his heart set on continuing the story of Al Simmons into a sequel. I never gave up hope, as whispers of another Spawn film had been around for just over twenty years now, with McFarlane himself saying that he had ideas to turn the new Spawn feature into a full-fledged horror film, but it could not be made unless he had complete control over its production. Then finally, last summer on his Facebook page McFarlane announced, in a…

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