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Despite Rumors, Jamie Foxx Still Attached to Spawn Movie

During a interview of Todd McFarlane with, outlets reported the possible departure of actor Jamie Foxx from the Spawn film.

“Last week I got some discouraging news, we had an Academy Award-winning guy who was going to do the movie with us, but he fell off,” said McFarlane in’s article on his interview with Shouryuken. The website later clarified the context of the quote, stating that the loss to the project was an academy award wining writer.

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In the interview, McFarlane listed his ‘demands’ for the films production. Including it being Rated R and that he’s the director. He said that he’s more focused on the film being ‘cool’ and ‘badass’ rather than what actually happens in the film.

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McFarlane has been canvasing Hollywood in order to get his Spawn film off the ground. With the success of Warner Brothers Joker, McFarlane knows that there’s a larger demand for Rated R Comic Book films. So while there hasn’t been any official news news as of late, It’s clear that McFarlane won’t stop until his film is made.

So what’s your thoughts on disproving these rumors? Are you excited for McFarlane’s vision for the film ? Let us know in the comments down below !

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