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Jamie Foxx Is Our New Spawn

It can be really easy to forget that there are superheroes who have nothing to do with the Marvel and DC Cinematic Universes.

I know right? These days it seems the big screen is dominated by two major comic book publishers in a battle for total and complete box office domination. Honestly it’s not much of a fight, Marvel is practically abusing their counterparts at the moment but who knows, maybe the future will allow room for new faces.

Which brings me to a juicy little piece of news brought to us from the folks over at who on May 29th reported Jamie Foxx is going to be the new Spawn.

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You guys remember Spawn right? The Image Comics sensation from the 1990’s focused on Albert Francis Simmons, a Marine Lieutenant Colonel who was killed, then reborn as a demonic costumed hero.

Or maybe you remember the 1997 film starring Michael Jai White? Despite being pretty descent, a franchise never really got off the ground leaving plenty of opportunity to be rebooted later on. And after twenty years, we’re finally getting a new Spawn.

If you ask me, Jamie Foxx is the perfect choice. He’s played everything from Steamin’ Willie Beamen to Ray Charles which got him the Oscar for Best Actor. Now it seems Foxx is turning his attention to the superhero genre, and us here at Nerdbot couldn’t be more excited!

We don’t have too many details but what has been revealed is Spawn creator Todd McFarlane wrote a script to be produced by Blumhouse, don’t expect an origin story in this reboot, and the main character is expected to not be much of a talker.

Be sure to check back with Nerdbot as the project develops.

By Adam Chmielewski


Photo Credits- Image Comics/New Line Cinema/Columbia Pictures

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