Monday, July 6, 2020

Michael Rizzardi

From the ashes of a Barney obsession rose a lifelong Godzilla fanatic in Cleveland, OH...on top of whatever superhero comics, mecha anime, and tokusatsu shows Michael can get his hands on. If he's not out to dinner with his lovely girlfriend or at his piano grinding out synth tunes, you can bet he's got his eyes glued to a high octane piece of multimedia, ready to pick it apart for your entertainment.

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Lovecraft Comes To The Big Screen (With Nicolas Cage In Tow)

Literary fans can finally experience author H.P. Lovecraft’s special brand of cosmic horror at the movie theater. With a healthy dose of Nicolas Cage, to boot. Cage stars in the new project Color Out of Space,...

Go Go Power Rangers! ‘Battle for the Grid’ Coming to All Platforms This April

This April, Power Ranger fans will be able to face each other head on in a brand new fighting game! Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is being brought to consoles and PC by nWay, the...

Nerdbot Review: Godzilla: The Planet Eater

The epic conclusion to Netflix’s Godzilla anime trilogy has finally arrived and—you know what? Who cares? Who actually cares? The Godzilla fans don’t care. I’ve been on the subreddit, there was a lot of hype...

‘Gundam Narrative’ Hits US Theaters In February

Gundam fans, it’s time to plan a night out to the theater! Thanks to eagle-eyed Twitter user @WTK, the stateside theatrical release of Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative has been confirmed. Listings for the film have been...

New Sentai Could Mean Trouble For The Franchise

The next season of Super Sentai is just over the horizon, and features an all-too familiar theme for fans: Dinosaurs! The 43rd installment, called Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger, mixes medieval knights with prehistoric beasts, marking the fourth...

Nerdbot Anime Review: SSSS.Gridman

If you pulled all the dreams out of my head, animated them, and streamed them on Crunchyroll, you’d make something pretty close to SSSS.Gridman. Let’s run through the list. Wicked cool superheroes? Check. Giant city-destroying kaiju?...

Nerdbot Movie Review: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

After 6 solo movies, two reboots, a Venom spinoff, and several aborted cinematic universes, what more could yet another Spider-Man movie provide for audiences? Well, don’t hang up the webs just yet, because this is...

Godzilla Flaunts Its Monster Cast In New Trailer

The King is back for Round 2, and Godzilla’s going to need all the help he can get! The second trailer for Legendary Pictures’ Godzilla: King of the Monsters dropped worldwide today after debuting yesterday at...

5 Toku Heroes With Christmas Spirit

Even Tokusatsu Heroes know the reason for the season! Sure, they have their hands full fighting the forces of evil on Japanese TV screens every week. But that doesn’t stop them from diving headfirst and showing...



Should The Haunted Mansion Hanging Man be Removed?

Should The Haunted Mansion's hanging man be removed? Some Disneyland fans believe it should.

TIL: Momalorians are Not Just Moms Who Like “The Mandalorian”

Momalorians and Papalorians are probably not what you were thinking...

Scientists Recently Discovered a Lost City off the Cuban Coast

Researchers found a group of Pyramid structures along with other shapes that elude to a city. Researchers are estimating the ruins are around 6,000 years old.

Harry Potter Fan Sites Take Public Stand on J.K. Rowling

The Harry Potter fandom is taking it back. The Leaky Cauldron & MuggleNet have both released statements about where they stand on J.K. Rowling's Anti Trans views.

Watch as This Bird Flies Around Carrying a Shark?!

Some are saying baby shark, others think it's a giant amberjack. Whatever it is, it's majestic.