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Spawn Film Begins Casting

It seems like ever since New Line Cinema wrapped and released ‘Spawn’ back in 1997, Todd McFarlane, the creator of Spawn, had his heart set on continuing the story of Al Simmons into a sequel. I never gave up hope, as whispers of another Spawn film had been around for just over twenty years now, with McFarlane himself saying that he had ideas to turn the new Spawn feature into a full-fledged horror film, but it could not be made unless he had complete control over its production.

Then finally, last summer on his Facebook page McFarlane announced, in a video, that the film was green-lit and would be produced by Blumhouse Productions. A new Spawn film was finally a reality.

Today, in an exclusive video interview with, McFarlane dropped the news that casting has officially begun on the new Spawn film. No actors have been named for roles just yet but casting meetings have taken place and copies of the script have been sent out to prospective talent.

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In another bit of info on the film, McFarlane noted that the story itself isn’t necessarily told from the perspective of the titular character. The two big roles will be that of Spawn and the cop that’s hunting him down, Twitch.

Fans of the comic will recognize Twitch as the brainy half of the cop duo ‘Sam and Twitch’. In the new film, Mcfarlane describes Twitch as a kind of “Sherif Brody” to Spawn’s Jaws. Which is a very interesting direction for the film to take and it definitely sounds like some new changes will be coming to the dynamic of the Spawn legacy.

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