Sunday, May 31, 2020

Alexandrea Orozco-Lau

Man is least himself in his own person, give him a mask and he will tell you the world.

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Stay golden during the quarantine with these fabulous "Golden Girls" themed face masks!

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Get ready for an out of this world adventure with Experiment 626!

Rock & Roll Legend Little Richard Has Died at 87

Little Richard, one of the great founding fathers of Rock & Roll passed away this morning. According to a statement by Bill Sobel, his lawyer, the cause was due to his finally losing a long-running struggle with bone cancer.

Strawberry Malibu Is Here To Help Us Welcome Summer

Malibu just released a strawberry flavored rum! Yum!

Rawr! Owners Turn Cardboard Boxes Into Dino Art with Cats!

People are curing their boredom by cutting holes in boxes and drawing dinosaurs on them& cats do the rest by poking their curious little heads in.

A New Razor “Star Wars” Collab is Here and the Empire Would be Proud

These sweet new Stormtrooper computer accessories workspace ready for conquering rebel bases.

EVO 2020 Officially Cancelled

EVO 2020 has been officially cancelled.

Artist Creates Avatar Astrology

These are some of the coolest Avatar images we've seen! What's your sign?



TIL: When a Pelican Overheats it Pulls its Spine Out of its Mouth

Today we learned pelicans can pull up their spines to cool them off... and they have a crazy way of yawning.

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Ryan Reynolds is Fan Favorite to Play One Punch Man in Upcoming Movie

Who better than Ryan Reynolds to play One Punch Man, an indifferent super hero that can squash enemies without breaking a sweat?

3 Brothers Tried to Become Spider-Man by Getting Black Widow to Bite Them

Don't try this at home! Three Bolivian boys tried to become Spider-Man by getting themselves bit by a Black Widow spider.

Ancient Roman Pathway Uncovered in Northern Italian Vineyard

After decades of failed attempts, part of the pavement and foundations of the Roman Villa located north of the capital, discovered by scholars over a century ago, has finally been brought to light.