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It’s Time: Marvel Superheroes Reimagined as MMA Fighters

The internet is no stranger to mashups. From Deepfakes to Frank Sinatra singing Toxic (yes, really), we are continuously using technology and art to create entertaining things. No matter how strange, someone has probably found a way to bring it to life. So if you’ve ever wondered what some of your favorite Marvel heroes would look like as MMA fighters, someone has made it a reality.

Created by Rodrigo Lorenzo, these pieces take some of your favorite street level heroes and turns them into MMA fighters. Each hero is complete With stats, fight records, and combat styles unique to their known abilities. He even have some of the classic MMA fighter tats, representative of their well known superhero symbols. The artwork also includes some of the action in the cage, with Deadpool living up to the Merc with a Mouth moniker by talking trash during the fight.

It’s clear that the artist is both a fan of Marvel heroes and MMA, accurately depicting classic shots from real MMA events. From the sponsors displayed on the cage floor to Tony Stark as the chosen referee inside the octagon, he does a great job in recreating the UFC. We even get superhero judges, with names like Charles Xavier and Dr. Strange scoring some of the contests. If you’re a fan of Superheroes and the UFC, this is a good as a reimagined mashup gets.

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The only issue I have is with the some of the winners of the matchups. T’Challa is sold a little short compared to his actual skill set and the crowned champion is up for debate. But as they say in MMA, that’s the fight game. I hope Rodrigo makes more of these as there are definitely some more matchups I’d like to see. I highly recommend checking out more of his art available on Instagram. Who would you like to see fight in the cage? Who do you think would dominate in the cage?

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