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Listen as Frank Sinatra Sings TOXIC by Britney Spears

DADABOTS on YouTube has just created the most oddly inspiring mashup I’ve ever heard. I grew up listening to both Frank Sinatra and Britney Spears and what they have done is something I thought I would never hear. They’ve used an AI to create a Frank Sinatra version of TOXIC and now we can’t help but wonder… who else do we want to sing more current songs?

Would Billie Holiday sing Billie Eilish? Would Mama Cass sing Ariana Grande? These are all possible with DADABOTS Jukebox program. But we’d need to get the current artists permission first.

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Generated by Dadabots using Jukebox. Know any of these 9000+ bands? Tell them to reach out. We’ll generate music for them!

Jukebox is a hierarchical vq-vae transformer neural network pre-trained on thousands of bands. We used the 5 billion parameter model, conditioned it on Frank Sinatra, using lyrics from Toxic.

And now here’s Britney’s original version of TOXIC:

What do you think of this weird mashup? Do you like it? Tell us in the comments!

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