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Likelihood of Bruce Campbell in “Doctor Strange 2” Goes Up?

Pretty much as soon as Sam Raimi was announced as taking over the reigns on Marvel Studios’ upcoming “Doctor Strange 2,” we were all expecting a possible Bruce Campbell cameo. Seems pretty likely, right? Not like Campbell hasn’t shown up in a Raimi-directed Marvel Comics property live-action before, right? (He shows up in all 3 […]

Scott Derrickson Set to Direct ‘Doctor Strange’ Sequel

There have been quiet discussions about the next movie in the Marvel Universe. Scott Derrickson co-wrote and directed the first film from Marvel/Disney and has finalized a deal to helm the new installment.  Benedict Cumberbatch will come back to reprise his roll as the Doctor himself along with Benedict Wong who played his right hand […]

Nerdbot Reviews: Marvel’s Soldier Supreme

Marvel comics has recently announced that it would be doing a mashup of characters in a few upcoming series in their Infinity War run of comics. I recently got a look at one of these mashups with the release of Marvel’s Soldier Supreme. It is an easy guess as to who the mashup characters are within […]

Doctor Strange 2 Filming Might Begin in 2019

Rumor as it Marvel is could be begin stages of Doctor Strange 2. It could be early as 2019 with Benedict Cumberbatch reprising his role as the Master of Mystic Arts. However, more likely summer of 2020 no real date has set yet. Despite Doctor Strange 2 would be canceled due to Benedict Cumberbatch had […]