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Scott Derrickson Set to Direct ‘Doctor Strange’ Sequel

There have been quiet discussions about the next movie in the Marvel Universe. Scott Derrickson co-wrote and directed the first film from Marvel/Disney and has finalized a deal to helm the new installment. 

Benedict Cumberbatch will come back to reprise his roll as the Doctor himself along with Benedict Wong who played his right hand man. Rachel McAdams is more than likely coming back as well, her playing his love interest in the first movie.

There has been an already acknowledged release date for an unnamed Marvel/Disney movie that is set to come out May 7th, 2021 that fits the timeline of events. Sources told the Hollywood Reporter that they would begin work on the script in 2019 and start production in 2020. The last Doctor Strange film came out in October of 2016 so I’m not one hundred percent that they will associate the upcoming film with the date in May or something else.

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Whatever the case may be they will be either looking for or announcing who will be writing the script very soon as 2019 is just around the corner.

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