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To really drive home just how good “Spiderman” and “Spiderman: Miles Morales” are, I’m mostly an Xbox player, with the microsoft console being my primary system of choice. I do own a PS4, but that was more because a friend was selling his old one for such a good price it was hard to pass up. It sat collecting dust, that is until my last birthday when I decided to grab the newly released, critically acclaimed “Spiderman: Miles Morales” for my birthday in November. The game was so good I finished it in just about 2 weeks, which if you know anything about how little time I have to play games is pretty damn impressive. I had so much playing this game I immediately swooped up the original “Spiderman” game, and played through that with every ounce of free time I could find. The games are some of the best gaming has to offer, so hearing that not only are we getting a sequel that includes both Peter Parker and Miles Morales, but also includes Venom voiced by Candyman himself, Tony Todd makes it the most anticipated release of its day.