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Sony Discounts PlayStation Plus Subscription for Some Players Ahead of PS5

We are only a week away from the launch of Sony’s big next gen console. With the PlayStation 5 looming on the horizon, it seems that Sony is trying to incentivize PS4 players to keep their PlayStation Plus subscription. Recently, some players have been receiving e-mails from Sony offering discounts to extend their subscriptions.

It’s almost here! (Image Credit: PlayStation)

Currently, Sony’s offer seems to target very specific players. Players whose subscriptions are ending right before or during the PlayStation 5’s launch are the ones who are receiving the e-mails. While there isn’t official confirmation on exactly what the offer is, most users are saying it is 25% off a 3-month or 12-month subscription. It makes sense for Sony to give out this offer now. The PlayStation 5’s limited quantities at launch means that many players will likely still be using their PS4s for some time. So you might as well enjoy the subscription service for less while you wait to get your hands on a new console.

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This isn’t an abnormal occurence. PlayStation Plus frequently goes on sale through thrid party retailers at varying times throughout the year. Sometimes, the subscription service even goes on sale for 50% or more. However, it is pretty rare for Sony to offer the discounts themselves. As usual, the company is remaing vague on the discount by offering no additional details. It’s highly unlikley that this will change. By keeping things inconclusive, Sony can alter or end the offer at any time they choose.

So if you don’t plan to get a PS5 on launch day, you may want to check your e-mail. At least you can save some money on your service while you wait to nab your glorious new console.

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