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3 “Hocus Pocus” Sanderson Sisters Frappuccinos Coming to Starbucks

Coming to Starbucks this Spooky Season….3 “Hocus Pocus” Sanderson Sisters inspired frappuccinos!

With fall comes cozy outfits, thick scarves, pumpkin spice everything, and not to mention the occasional apple cider as well. I mean the secret not so secret menu from Starbucks does offer a lot of different drinks for all of us to try. I mean we did try the Jack Skellington, IT, and Cinderella drinks last season. So it’s only natural that I went hunting for this season’s drinks, I was not disappointed at all by the Sanderson Sisters trio!

Yes my friends you read that right you can get a Winifred, Mary, and Sarah. these frappuccinos are screaming come Little children because each of them has their own special unique flavor about them. Let’s break it down shall we?

Photo by Totally The Bomb

According to Totally The Bomb, the recipes go something like this….

For Winifred, you’ll order this: 

*Green Tea Frap

*Add white mocha

*Add peppermint syrup

*Crushed strawberry inclusions on top of the whipped creme.

For Mary, you’ll order this: 

*Strawberries and Creme frap

*Substitute the sweeter for white mocha 

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*Whipped creme with chocolate drizzle 

*Strawberry puree at the bottom of the cup

For Sarah, you’ll order this: 

*Violet drink 

*Add extra berries

*Sub coconut milk with soy milk

*Double blended 

*Whipped creme on top with ginger power as a topper

Each one of these drinks are fun and delicious, so what are you waiting for? Someone to light the black flame candle? Head on over to your nearest Starbucks and give these spectacular drinks a try. 

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