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“Hocus Pocus” Cookies are Coming From Nestle for Extra Halloween Fun

Ready for some Hallowen fun?! Well get ready to bake some Sanderson Sister cookies because they’re coming and coming soon! There have been reports of people already beginning to see them roll onto store shelves(even though it’s August) and now I’m going to make it my personal mission to find them. Can I eat them? No, but can my kid? Yes! Hocus Pocus cookies are coming just in time for Halloween.

The person who first leaked the news was our favorite candy instagrammer @CandyHunting. The cookies themselves will be Oatmeal Peanut Butter which is a rare offering from the brand. Typically you see Halloween sugar cookies but these are going to be ones that everyone can enjoy. If you like oatmeal and peanut butter of course. And if you don’t.. well that’s just too bad!

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What we’re wondering is if this is going to build up hype for the “Hocus Pocus” sequel that is currently in development at Disney+. We certainly hope so considering all of the original Sanderson sisters are on board. What do you think of this? Tell us in the comments!

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