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This Starbucks Coldbrew Tastes Like Chocolate Covered Strawberries

So maybe you missed out on getting this for Valentine’s day last year, good news is that with the power of customized ordering you can get it anytime! If you love the taste of chocolate covered strawberries and could use the extra caffeine you should definitely check this out.

How to Order:

It’s pretty simple to order. According to Dawnsdiary on Instagram it’s as easy as this.

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  • Venti Cold Brew W/ White Chocolate Mocha Sauce
  • Add Strawberry puree to cold foam and add it on top
  • Add white chocolate curls if they have them

And Viola! You have an amazing chocolate covered strawberry drink!

If you like this concoction you should also check out this special recipe for a peach gummy ring drink. We had our taste testers try it and it tastes exactly like a trolli peach ring.

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