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New Teaser for Netflix’s Upcoming Film “Red Notice” Hits

Looks like Netflix heard my birthday is coming up, and gave us our first look at the new star studded action comedy “Red Notice.” The film looks to deliver on just about everything you could want an action buddy cop comedy starring Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. I remember watching “Hobbs and Shaw,” […]

Netflix’s “Yasuke” Stars Lakeith Stanfield as First Black Samurai

Among the many amazing lives chronicled in the history of feudal Japan, few are as interesting (and rarely detailed) as the first black Samurai. Netflix brings to life the story of “Yasuke,” an African warrior who travelled to Japan to become personal retainer and confidant to the most storied feudal lord to ever live, Oda […]

We Watched Netflix’s “Pacific Rim: The Black” Anime [Review]

The world of “Pacific Rim” has had a rollercoaster of a time staying relevant. After the critical failure of “Uprising”, it wasn’t certain whether the western mecha-battling giant monster franchise had a future at all. Change is what was needed, and expanding into the world of animation to continue the franchise is “Pacific Rim: The […]