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Marvel’s “What If…?” Episode 1 Dazzles With Possibilities [Review]

I don’t want to go as far as to say I’m rooting for Marvel to fail, more so I’m continuously shocked to see that they’re STILL able to succeed (in a major or minor way depending on who you talk to) for so long and so often. We have not entered the point where Marvel is so confident in their formula and plan for sprawling and seemingly endless connected narratives that they’re literally playing jazz. The new animated series “What If…” on Disney Plus is exactly what the title suggests, with episode 1 aptly titled “What If…Captain Carter Was the First Avenger?” It seems it wasn’t enough for them simply mention the multiverse or allude to the idea that it exists. “What If…” gives viewers a glimpse of what a multiverse could look like, shedding any restraints and operating with profound freedom. “What If…” playfully explores new and exciting worlds that reimagines familiar stories with endless possibilities and stunning visuals.

Marvel Studios Confirms Even MORE Animated Projects Coming!

The first animated addition to the entertainment world-conquering Marvel Cinematic Universe, anthology series “What If…?,” will debut next month and already folks are hyped for the elseworlds adventures. A series of tales exploring the stories of famous Marvel characters and events in their universe, if something had happened slightly different, is a standby of the […]

RockLove Releases Official Marvel’s Loki Jewelry Collection

If there’s one thing we know about the God of Mischief, it’s that he loves to look fabulous at all times. Thanks to RockLove Jewelry, you’ll have your chance to show your Loki side with a gorgeous new line of items designed with the trickster in mind. The officially licensed Marvel’s Loki line has a […]