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Give the Gift of a Hot Meal with an Itaki Electric Lunch Kit

Of course I am always on the lookout for the newest trends and whatnot. But something keeps popping onto my feed called Itaki. Now after a quick google search I found that it is a company that makes tiny little machines where you can cook your own food in your bedroom, at work (if possible) and so forth. Naturally I went to see on several platforms and apparently they are the real deal!

One my favorite Youtubers even reviewed it!

I searched on Twitter and Instagram to get some real reviews.

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Apparently this isn’t a gimmick and it’s prety easy to use! The Itaki comes in several varieties.

Magic Itaki®Co - The Pro
The Pro
Shabuki Pot
Magic Itaki®Co - The Jumbo
The Jumbo
Magic Itaki®Co - The Classic
The Classic

The best part is that these little gadgets are not that expensive either! And there is a sale on the website to boot! I may just have to add this to my Christmas wish list. Because I too would like a hot meal ready quickly when I go to work.

If you don’t like these ones there are similar options on Amazon.

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