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Punpkin Spice Hot Chocolate Is Here To Ring In The Fall Season

August to me growing up was always a fun month, not because my birthday was around the corner but because I knew that pumpkin spice season was rapidly approaching when I was a child. Ah, the blissful simpler times, ya know what I mean? These days I have been hankering for some delicious pumpkin spice flavored items, but sadly I have to wait for October or sometimes even November! But not this year my friends!

Starting in September retailers such as Walmart and Target will be bringing Swiss Miss Pumpkin Spice flavored Hot Chocolate to our homes sooner rather than later!

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Time to gather your sweaters, bust out the fuzzy socks, and stock up on pumpkin spice hot cocoa mix. With no artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives, our pumpkin spice flavor cocoa is as wholesome as it gets.

As wholesome as it gets, YES PLEASE!! I cannot wait to grab these from my local Target. It’s gonna be so yummy I just know it! If you can’t wait for September they do have some on Amazon for a hefty price, but also it has $12 boxes so, pick and choose.

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