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This Mom Crocheted an Entire Xenomorph Costume for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner. I mean pumpkin spice season is almost here people! And with my birthday being in August the one thing to look forward to next is Halloween. Halloween I think for a lot of us is the gateway into cosplaying and finding a love of dressing up. And for one little boy this epic costume that mom made may be the start of a new generation.

These days people go all out. They start planning their costumes years in advance, and I’ve got to hand it to those that do. Because no matter how much we want to be one thing, at least when we’re kids it all comes down to crunch time for mom and dad. Which often meant a cheap polyester costume from whichever store was closest.

Stephanie Pokorny crocheted her son’s outfit last year for Halloween. And she made him a freaking Xenomorph! Just look at the detail in these images! How freaking amazing is this? Stephanie said that she worked 45 hours on the skeletor costume alone. This is one lucky kid and we hope that he realizes how awesome his mom is.

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We can’t wait to see what she posts this year! Because we know it’s going to be awesome. Follow her on Instagram for all kinds of cool crochet crafts!

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