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Nerdbot Cosplay Spotlight: Nikki Nuit Von Black

How conventions have grown may vary but the love for cosplay remains the same: do what you love! I would like to introduce Nikki Nuit, a cosplayer and a goth model who is breaking the barriers in Los Angeles and on the web! 

Please introduce yourself to the readers.

Hello my name is Nikki Nuit also known as Nikki Nuit Von Black.

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Black Lady

How would you define cosplay? What is your favorite part of it? What are your principles of cosplay?

Cosplay to me is the expression of other worldly characters that only our imaginations and expressions can travel and take us. I love to see different varieties of characters that we commonly see to express how different each and everyone of us cosplayers are. I love seeing many different Versions of storm cosplay.

Would you please tell us your favorite cosplay moment?

I did a Black Lady cosplay for the first time at Anime Expo. I was so nervous and scared but the cosplay community welcomed me with open arms and people even got my cosplay which was even cooler.

How do you store your costumes? Do you have any tips?

Boxes and bags with labels, but a lot of my cosplays are continuously upgraded so I’m always adding or changing it to make it look better.

As a POC cosplayer have you experienced any challenges? How did you overcome these challenges?

People like to assume that a person of color cannot cosplay a character that is not of color and that you have to stick to your “own race”. I just don’t believe that at all. I do not believe that the color of one skin can make or break a cosplay. All I can do is break barriers one at a time.

The Witness from Love, Sex, and Robots

How would you encourage fellow POC to cosplay characters they love?

Just go for it! You have to start somewhere to build your character up and look 100% complete. I always feel that my cosplay characters can always be improved. So even if you have just one item or costume go for it and have fun because at the end of the day that is what it is all about.

What are your thoughts on the cosplay communities and the world of cosplay today compared to when you first started? How would you describe the cosplay community as a whole?

Cosplay has gotten so much bigger and it has become more than just anime characters. When I first got into cosplay it was more about diy and anime characters. Now it’s everything including Disney characters, comic book characters and movie characters. The cosplay community has changed and I think we will have to make more events because the community is exploding lol.

What changes do you hope to see within the community in the future?

More respect for one another regardless of race, cost, and visions for creative.

Cosplay, Makeup, and Fashion are all different art forms. Definitely show some love to Nikki on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

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