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Anime Expo Lite Announced for Summer 2020

Things may be getting back to normal in some respects after the global pandemic brought much of the live event industry to its knees. As each state begins to unveil their plans for reopening stores, restaurants, and gatherings, some companies are getting a jump on things.

Enter Los Angeles mainstay Anime Expo, which today announced plans for Anime Expo Lite, a smaller version of their annual event.

Theoretically taking place July 3rd-4th 2020.

The announcement came today by way of a tweet, with a link to a page on AX’s website, with….not really a lot of information.

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Anime Expo has promised to honor any/all 2020 tickets for their event in 2021. ticket holders this year for 2021. CEO of The Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation Ray Chiang said refunds are available for anyone who wishes to get their money back for this year’s ticket. But if they would like to roll over their ticket for 2021, they are more than welcome to. 

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