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Gamer’s History of “Nier:” The Improbable Fall and Rise of a Franchise

Some video games have complex histories that aren’t really all that complicated when you break them down. “Duke Nukem Forever” spent over a decade in development but basically just changed hands from developer-to-developer time after time. “Secret of Mana” was originally supposed to be a Nintendo PlayStation game from when Sony and Nintendo were forming […]

Beat Your Breakfast High Score: Tetris Waffle Maker

Sure, teaching kids not to play with their food is an important lesson, but with the country nearing the year anniversary of lockdown prompted by a still-ongoing worldwide pandemic, maybe we should just have fun however we safely can? Like this absolutely ridiculous (officially licensed) Tetris waffle maker that’s suddenly making the rounds online. It […]

Sony Pictures Working on “Twisted Metal” TV Series!

Sony PlayStation’s trademark vehicular combat game, “Twisted Metal,” is poised to be turned into a television series. “Twisted Metal” originally debuted in 1995 as an early first-party title for Sony’s original PlayStation. The title proved very popular very quickly thanks to its edgy characters and vehicular mayhem. A sequel, “Twisted Metal 2” quickly followed in […]

Game Boy WorkBoy Keyboard Rediscovered after 28 Years

Imagine if you will, a time before non-bricky cellphones and modern video games. It was time of Game Boy, and the various accessories Nintendo tried to pair with the first truly portable handheld system. Who could forget such extras as the Game Boy Printer, Game Boy Camera, and the card scanner for the Game Boy Advanced? […]

Steam Reveals Top-Selling Games of 2020

We spent a lot of time inside during 2020. After all, lockdowns meant we often found ourselves with nothing but time on our hands. So it’s not surprising that many people turned to games for entertainment. This meant that it was a highly-successful year for companies like Valve, owners of Steam. Recently, Valve revealed its […]

IO Interactive Announces New 007 James Bond Video Game

We are very pleased to report that IO Interactive, the studio behind the massively successful Hitman games, is bringing another legendary gun-wielding character to a video game near you. His name is Bond. James Bond. Posted by the company’s official Twitter this morning, a 17-second teaser of the 58-second real teaser trailer, showing off a […]