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Peloton Expands Features, Adds In-App Video Games!

Peloton the exercise bike company known for their scenic offerings as well as instructor led classes is now going to offer an in app video game. The game is tentatively called Lanebreak. It will have many features and goals that the game will set. You will be able to accomplish these by changing your rhythm, speed or tension and holding steady for periods of time.

Players will be able to choose a difficulty level, the type of music they want to hear, and the duration of the track before starting. That’s good news for people who want to start out easy and work their way up. Unfortunately the game isn’t out yet but it is in beta testing mode. By the time the game comes out we expect it will look a little different than the promotional images out now.

The game sounds similar to something like Rez or other rhythm games where you dictate how it plays out. It’s much different looking than Nintendo’s Ring Fit Adventure which is something I bought to play during the pandemic. This one seems like it will really pull you in and the time will fly by while you’re using it. Which is exactly what a good workout should feel like. The intent for the game is to rely heavily on replay value. Focusing around music music and keeping a minimalistic feel.

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David Packles, Peloton’s senior director of product on Lanebreak, told Gizmodo:

“Content, specifically our instructor-led content, is the heart of Peloton. We continue to lean on that to push us forward, but the reality is that people want variety. People look to scenic rides, to scenic runs, Just Ride, and Just Run as a way to switch up the routine. We’ve always wondered, ‘Is that it? What other formats could we actually experiment with?’”

Ashley Carman of The Verge got to test out the game on her Peloton bike. While she says she prefers the instructor led classes the way she describes the game has me drooling:

The game’s vibe and interface reminds me of the Rainbow Road in Mario Kart, with a track trailing off into the universe. It’s more or less the same on Lanebreak, except instead of controlling Mario, you’re pedaling to keep your tire moving and meet specific goals. There are three types of challenges and ways to earn points: Pickups, which means that so long as you’re in the lane that the game commands, you’ll earn points; Streams, which reward you based on your cadence; and Breakers, which reward you based on energy output.

You’re telling me I can pedal along to Rainbow Road? I’m in. Hopefully Peloton takes this out of beta mode soon so that I’ll be able to play it at the gym. I don’t have the space for a personal Peloton but I will track one down if they have a game I can play. Who knows, maybe this will be the entry into working out many of us gamers are looking for.

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