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Hollywood Reporter Polls Readers About Batman

Now that Robert Pattinson has officially been named as film’s newest Batman actor, the hype cycle has begun anew. What will his costume look like? Who will the villains be? Will this be able to salvage the character after the whole Batman V Superman debacle? While we all debate and speculate, Hollywood Reporter held an […]

Bill Murray Was Being Bill Murray To Selena Gomez At Cannes

At this point, saying the words “Bill Murray” is a statement more than a name. The actor’s reputation is legendary for both his oddball persona and his intense privacy. The man is a cantankerous old coot and we love him for it. On one hand, he is well known for being difficult to work with […]

Warner Brothers Pulls Out Of Comic-Con This Year

Over the course of it’s life, Comic-Con has become less a celebration of comics and more a platform for movie studios to announce their next projects. It has kinda come to represent how movies and comics have become a singular entity, especially as superhero movies have dominated the box office. We now live in a […]

Alex Trebek Declares Cancer In “Near Remission.”

The world got a little bit darker this past March when Alex Trebek announced he had stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Normally, that type of cancer has only a 9% survival rate, leading to many fans, and even Trebek himself, to fear the worst. However, the long time Jeopardy host vowed that he would fight back […]

Ridley Scott Still Threatening Us With Another Alien Prequel

In the wake of the Disney/Fox merger, a lot of questions were still up in the air about many of Fox’s tentpole properties. Given Disney’s family friendly reputation, it was unclear whether they even cared about anything that did not fit their brand. Would we ever see the Reign of Fire that I have been […]

The New HBO Watchmen Teases Reinvention

Ever since news broke that HBO and Damon Lindelof were doing an adaptation of the graphic novel Watchmen, information on what that would actually look like has been…scarce. The classic graphic novel by Alan Moore carries a ton of baggage over whether it is even possible to make something that captures the epic spirit of […]