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Alex Trebek Declares Cancer In “Near Remission.”

The world got a little bit darker this past March when Alex Trebek announced he had stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Normally, that type of cancer has only a 9% survival rate, leading to many fans, and even Trebek himself, to fear the worst. However, the long time Jeopardy host vowed that he would fight back with treatment and continue working for as long as he was able. While he still has a long way to go in recovery, today he announced he has made significant progress by declaring his cancer is in “near remission.”

In an interview with People magazine, Trebek recounts how he has impressed his doctors with how well he has responded to treatment. Several of the tumors have apparently shrunk by 50%. He says that he doctors have been astonished at his progress so far and that the chemo therapy is working so well. Trebek attributes his recovery to support from his family and fans who have encouraged him during emotional low points.

What has made his story so inspiring is how he has managed to maintain his professionalism during this time. The man has been a constant tv fixture for over 5 decades and now, at 78, has not let his sickness break his routine. It speaks to his incredible resilience that he refused to let his diagnosis prevent him from continuing to host Jeopardy. Nothing about this has to have been easy easy, but he sets an amazing example on the power of not letting setbacks becoming overwhelming. I get the flu and I am ready to crawl into a hole and die while Trebek puts on a suit and does his damn job with stage 4 cancer. Here is hoping that he can continue this incredible momentum and stay with us for the foreseeable future.

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