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Fruity AND Coco Pebbles Coffee Creamer Is Coming!

It’s no surprise that I find myself to be a bit of a coffee person. Naturally growing up I would watch my grandma drink her coffee in the morning (she would add egg shells in with the beans, I dunno why) and I always thought it smelled really good. Now that I am older I […]

John Carpenter’s They Live Might Live Again

They Live is a 1988 film by John Carpenter. A homeless drifter finds a temporary construction job while living at a homeless encampment. During that time he discovers that an alien race has infiltrated every aspect of human society. The aliens transmit subliminal messages to the humans in almost every form. The film is a […]

Super Ghouls N’ Ghosts: A Horrifically Good SNES Classic

This is a ‘Nerd Voices’ contributing piece by Nerdbot reader Dr. Chris McAuley. You can find more of his writing on his website, or be his friend on Facebook! It’s officially October, which means the spooky, scary, ghastly vibes are officially in the air here at Nerdbot HQ. And in celebration of this season, I’m […]

But Then Why Is The All The Lime Gone?

This is more of a cry of passion than informative rant. I’ve had to deal with various points of aging ranging from body aches to human loss. Granted both are equally daunting, but nothing has been harder than having to live without flavors I loved as a kid. We lost our beloved Dunkaroos, said good […]

Twitch is Having a Massive Pokemon Marathon

Twitch recently announced that starting August 27th at 10am they will be streaming Pokémon! The programming will last months and play into 2019 covering 932 episodes and 16 movies. So snuggle up with your favorite Pokémon plushie and wiggle into your giant Snorlax bean bag chair and get ready for an extended stay in the Pokéverse! The […]

7 Commercials From the 80s (That We Wanted to Live Inside)

Fiction: It helps us imagine a better world. And when your real life is mundane, all you want to do is escape into a magical, fantastical world where anything is possible, robots feed you cereal, a moon man gives you hamburgers, and friends want to hang out with you. And nothing provided this feeling of […]