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Nerdbot Cinema Reviews: “From Dusk Til Dawn” Turns 25 This Month

January and February are a weird time of year for cinema. It’s typically dumping season for studios; the fire sale of movies that will never qualify for the closed awards season but desperately need to get off their shelf. “From Dusk til Dawn” feels oddly out of place and perfect for this time. It’s star […]

Animal Talking: Watch Correspondent Danny Trejo’s First Island Diary

We have been WAITING for the first episode of “Danny’s Diary,” a spinoff of Gary Whitta’s hugely popular “Animal Talking” in-game series based on Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons. “Danny’s Diary” is hosted by none other than Danny Trejo, who is a huge fan of the game, and Whitta’s talkshow. So much so, that Whitta […]