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Danny Trejo Gets New Gig: “Animal Talking” Correspondent!

We’ve spoken about the too-pure-for-this-world adorableness of Gary Whitta‘s “Animal Crossing New Horizons” themed in-game talk show, “Animal Talking.” Seriously, if you’re having a bad day, (and let’s be honest, who isn’t in this day and age) do yourself a favor and spend five minutes watching any episode of the show.

You can check out this incredible moment from last week, when Gary’s show had Elijah Wood and Danny Trejo stopping in and engaging in twirling. Yup- just spinning around in the “Animal Talking” studio in glee. We’re still smiling about it, honestly.

Cut to today, and Gary revealing that Danny Trejo has a new official position on the show, correspondent!

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Honestly we cannot wait to see Machete’s island!

Catch up on episodes of Animal Talking” here, and make sure to follow Gary on Twitter.

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