Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Jessica Lamb

Jessica Lamb was born and raised in Fennville, Michigan. She attended Aquinas College where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts in English and a minor in Creative Writing. Since then, she has dedicated herself to spreading the word about all things nerd culture.

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‘Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice’ is Getting a Manga

Hanbei the Undying is an interesting NPC in the world of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. As an unkillable NPC, Hanbei offers combat training and tips to Sekiro for his quest. Hanbei can take...

Persona 5 S Will Be a Warriors-Style Action Game

Persona 5 has been receiving a lot of attention these days. Persona 5 became the highest selling title in the Persona franchise in December 2017 with over two million copies sold worldwide. Since...

Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC Announcement at World-of-Tres Orchestra Concert

Yesterday, director Tetsuya Nomura officially announced the first DLC for Kingdom Hearts 3. The announcement was made during the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World-of-Tres concert in Tokyo. Although much is still unknown, Nomura did...

Final Fantasy Illustrator and Japanese Artists Team Up for New Magic: The Gathering Planeswalker Art

War of the Spark is setting up to be something truly spectacular. A colossal war bringing Planeswalkers from all across Magic history together for a confrontation against the powerful Nicol Bolas. It will...

Disney’s Star Wars Park Will Allow You to Build Your Own Droids

These are definitely the droids you are looking for! If you've ever dreamed of your own adorable robo companion then Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge will be the place to go! At this year's...

How Making Your Own Lightsaber at Disney’s ‘Star Wars’ Land Will Work

If you are a fan of the Star Wars franchise, you've thought about what it would be like to wield your own lightsaber at least once. Disney's Star Wars Land intends to make...

‘Final Fantasy XV’s’ Director Making Paralympics Video Game

Five months ago, Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata suddenly left Square Enix. This came as a surprise with Tabata having diligently worked for Square Enix and on the Final Fantasy franchise for many years....

430 Million-Year-Old ‘Sea Monster’ Remains Discovered

Cthulhu lives! Or at least something that looks like it did. Scientists in Herefordshire, Britain recently discovered the fossilized remains of a 430 million-year-old sea creature with tentacles longer than its body.

Troy Baker Isn’t Appearing in ‘Borderlands 3’

Seven years. That's how long fans of the Borderlands franchise have been waiting for a sequel. Sure, there was Tales from the Borderlands and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, but none of them scratched that...



Texas is Now Battling an Infestation of R.O.U.S aka Swamp Rats

Texas has an IRL Rodent of Unusual Size problem.

New Lego Ideas Could Bring a “Princess Bride” Set Next

There's two days left to vote on this Lego Idea, let's make a "Princess Bride" set happen!

Adorable Spooky Baby Bat Swaddlers for Tiny Humans are the Cutest Things We’ve Seen

These baby bat swaddlers are cute and great for a spooky October baby!

Fungus Found Near Chernobyl Being Used by NASA to Block Radiation

Scientists at NASA have found that these mushrooms feed of radiation and do not pose a threat to humans if handled by them.

“Avatar The Last Airbender” Original Creative Team Leave Netflix Live-Action Show

"Avatar The Last Airbender" Original Creative Team Leave Netflix Live-Action Show. DiMartino and Konietzko have exited the project, citing creative differences.