Friday, July 3, 2020

Jessica Lamb

Jessica Lamb was born and raised in Fennville, Michigan. She attended Aquinas College where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts in English and a minor in Creative Writing. Since then, she has dedicated herself to spreading the word about all things nerd culture.

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Activision Blizzard Lays Off 800 Employees After Record Year

Publisher Activision Blizzard recently began a layoff process of nearly 800 employees. During a February 12th earnings call, the company revealed its intentions to eliminate nearly 8% of its current staff. In 2018,...

EA’s ‘Apex Legends’ Gains 10 Million Players

Battle Royale games have become an obsession. Everywhere you turn there are new games pitting player against player. At the forefront of these games is Epic's powerhouse Fortnite. Fortnite has annihilated its competition...

‘GTA Online’ Hacker to Pay Take-Two Over $100,000 After Losing Legal Battle

Crime doesn't always pay in the world of Grand Theft Auto Online. Florida man Jhonny Perez is finding this out the hard way. Take-Two, publishers of the game, recently took him to court...

Netflix Reportedly Creating ‘Resident Evil’ TV Show

Hot on the heels of the Resident Evil 2 Remake excitement, rumors are spreading across the internet of a Netflix original Resident Evil TV show. Similar to the T virus, this information seems...

Resident Evil 2 Getting Free Post-Launch DLC

From running around spooky mansions to protecting the president's daughter from blood thirsty villagers, the Resident Evil series has some thrills for everyone. It's no surprise then that excitement is high for the...

Disney’s Ambassador Hotel in Japan Now Offers ‘Kingdom Hearts’ Rooms!

Fellow keyblade wielders, have you ever dreamed of sleeping in the style of your favorite franchise? Well that dream can now be a reality if you are willing to travel for it.

Anthem’s Matchmaking Will Cover Everything

With Anthem's full launch a month away, there are a lot of questions from players. Ben Irving, one of the lead producers of Anthem and host of many BioWare gameplay streams, took...

Blizzard Honors Stan Lee With NPCs in World of Warcraft

Only a few months after Stan Lee's passing, Blizzard has paid tribute to the Marvel comics legend in a unique way. Continuing their trend of adding celebrity references to World of Warcraft, Blizzard...

New Magic: The Gathering Set ‘War of the Spark’ Teased

"The ultimate battle starts soon" is the tagline blazing across the Wizards Play Network website. As hype builds for Wizards of the Coast's new set, new details have been revealed for fans to...



Spice Girls Reuniting for “The Final Time” in 2021 for 25th Anniversary

The Spice Girls are going to go on tour in the US, Europe and Australia in 2021!

Crafty Man Turns Lawnmower into Tank that Shoots Potatoes, Still Cuts Grass!

Did this crafty man need to make a tank that shoots potatoes and still cuts grass? No. But is it awesome? Heck yes!

Lisa Joy, Jonathan Nolan Developing “Fallout” Series for Amazon

Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan, the married writing duo behind HBO's "Westworld" have announced their brand-new project for Amazon, and fans of the Wasteland are gonna be excited. Joy and Nolan are currently developing a television series based on the highly popular video game franchise "Fallout."

These Teabags Look Like Real Sea Creatures While Steeping!

OceanTeabags has a bunch of different animal designs, but these sea creature ones have got to be our favorite for steeping in a cuppa!

NASA Has Designed a Necklace That Reminds You Not to Touch Your Face

NASA has released instructions online to build your very own necklace that will remind you to stop touching your face.