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Rose Bulbasaur is Here to Show Love to Fans of the #1 Starter

Do you know someone who loves Bulbasaur? Bulbasaur is definitely one adorable frog/plant. Over the years, fan art of the starter has changed the bulb on his back to a plethora of different things. Sunflowers, roses, chrysanthemums and even succulents have all been drawn as replacements for Bulbasaur’s classic bulb. The possibilities are endless and each one seems plausible on the versatile Pokemon.

BeeNerdishCrafts decided they wanted to get in on all of this fun. So, the artist created a handmade plush of Bulbasaur with a rose instead of a bulb on its back. The fun doesn’t end there though. This Bulbasaur is a light pink color instead of the classic green. In fact, even its eyes are a vibrant pink! It’s the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day or for someone who loves Bulbasaur in any form!

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The shop offers a ton of different variations on the lovable Bulbasaur. There is a gray-colored Bulbasaur with a sunflower on its back, a dark blue Bulbasaur with a black rose on its back, and even a gray bulbasaur with a pumpkin on its back. Currently, none of BeeNerdishCrafts’ Bulbasaurs are available. Both the sunflowers and pumpkins are seasonal items that will return during their respective seasons. Meanwhile, the rose Bulbasaur is currently sold out. You haven’t missed your chance though! The store states that the item will be restocked at some point in late February.

So, make sure to check in with BeeNerdishCrafts’ Etsy page periodically to ensure you don’t miss your chance! The plush will cost you $79 USD, not including shipping or any customization. Get ready to add this adorable pink friend to your Poke collection!

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